Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Precious Cargo

Bringing our girls home today reminded me of when we brought home Grayson from the hospital. The other cars drove too fast. Didn't those crazy drivers know that we had baby chicks on board!

This is baby #1 and she is a black star. This is Grayson's favorite and he will choose her name. In the running, Blackberry and Isabella.

This is baby #2, a Rhode Island Red. She is my favorite and I am leaning towards Joanie or Saffron inspired by two of my favorite strong-willed, red-headed, bossy tv characters. She is bigger than the other chicks and likes to boss the others around.

Chicks #3 and #4 are Araucanas. These are Shawn's favorites and he will name them. They are very laid back and fall asleep when you hold them. Their eggs will be blue and green.

They are inseparable, which is too cute. Temporarily called the Twins.

We even introduced the girls to Madison. Chicks are friends, not food!

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