Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shake Ya Tail Feather

Today we noticed our little chicks have tail feathers. We are so excited! Tail feathers are the equivalent of a baby's first tooth or babbling "dada" for the first time. Their wings are developing quickly. They are all practice flapping them and sometimes get a little air. We are also watching out for pasting or as my friend calls it, poopy butt. You have to watch for their little bottoms getting pasted over with poop. This can be fatal for little chicks.

 We have also selected the little dumplin's names.

Meet Blackberry. She is very curious, likes to try to fly and has HUGE feet.

Saffron is learning to balance on the practice roost, also tries to fly and has pretty wings.

Satsuki and Mei like to huddle together, have pretty singing voices and are little round plumps. Very cute.

We treated them to a worm found in the garden. They went crazy fighting over it. Next time I will give them four pieces instead of one. They are a joy to watch.


  1. love the names! especially Satsuki and Mei

  2. I'm glad it's going well with the little chicks. I'll be curiously watching their progress!

  3. Cathy- so glad you are interested!
    Lauren- Am honored by the compliment. I love your blog and look forward to your posts. Love how your photos and illustrations capture the chick's personalities. I was sad to hear about Hatsy, but thankful to have read about her.
    Melissa- thank you! Am hoping to upgrade my camera soon.