Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tail of Two Roosters

Based on recommendations from others, we installed a dowel rod for the girls to practice their roosting skills. We have been helping them balance for a few seconds at a time. Saffron seemed to be catching on. Then to our surprise...

Blackberry was the first to give it a go on her own. As you can see Saffron is competitive and wants to be in charge.

So it was not too surprising that she would quickly follow suit.

Our in-laws were visiting and were lucky enough to witness this monumentail moment with us! And then in true chick form

they took a little chickie nap.


  1. From a side angle, it almost looked like they were pooping on Sarah Palin.

  2. I love how they nap like drunks- sprawled out everywhere. very un-chicken-y

  3. I know, so glad I was prepared for that otherwise I would have freaked out.