Thursday, April 1, 2010

$10 Coop

A very gracious family, the Cowans, gave us a coop they were no longer using. My sweet dad helped us haul it home from Millington in the back of his truck, which was way too short but he rigged it up and we made it to midtown! My dad is an eggcellent carpenter and an even better scavenger, fixer-upper.

This coop was the PERFECT father-daughter project. 


We stripped it down, tore it apart and built it back up stronger, straighter and sturdier. We reinforced, nailed, sawed, leveled, squared, cut, re-cut and plumbed.

The only pieces we actually spent money on were the 10 foot 2 by 4's for the bottom of the frame. So one hand-me-down coop, 2 days of hard work and $10 dollars later, we are very happy with the new and improved coop.

We added two doors on the back for egg gathering and coop cleaning. Using found shingles from the basement, we covered the roof.We enclosed the top shelf and installed 4 laying boxes. Reusing wood from the original structure, dad make slats for the bottom shelf where the girls can hang out and two ramps for them to enter from the ground and from the second floor to the top.



Tomorrow, Shawn and I will get it all painted and recover it with chicken wire. Pretty soon, the girls will be ready for their new home!

I can't forget to thank our fearless companion and assistant, Madison. Without her, well, without her things would have turned out exactly the same way. But she provided some comic relief.

Thank you dad for taking two days of vacation to make all of this possible, for your endless knowledge of carpentry, for your undying patience, for teaching me new skills and for having all the right tools. I am so glad you are my dad. Love you, Wiss.


  1. The Taj Macoop is really coming along and definitely was a fun project. Melissa proved to be quite the carpenter herself and it was great to see her wielding her grand fathers tools with a deft touch. It's in her genes...or jeans.
    Hope the girls enjoy their new digs!
    Ol' Dad

  2. Thats awesome Melissa! It looks great!! Keep up the good work!

  3. I've got one of those amazing master carpenter dad's myself! They should be the mold for all fathers!