Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chick Time

We like to spend quality time, "chick time", with the girls. Today we let them free range and hang out with us in the yard. They quickly made their way out of the coop and made a bee line for the weeds. Lucky for us!
Shawn and Saffron talked about chick stuff. However, Blackberry is sweet on Shawn and comes to him every time. Very sweet.
Saffron has new feathers coming in on her head. She is the biggest girl in the bunch.
Blackberry has pretty brownish-red feathers around her head. Her comb is coming in nicely.

Mei is the prettiest chick, in my humble opinion. She has a lovely blend of red, brown and black feathers with different designs and textures. Her comb is just now coming in and looks a little rough.
Satsuki is mostly black and looks more like Blackberry than Mei. Her head feathers are coming in slowly. She let me cuddle her for a bit today.

We handle the girls as much as possible so that they will remain friendly and they really like it. They are very social animals, just like us.


  1. my girls are expert escape artists. They got out of their yard four times yesterday before I gave up. This am I figured out how. They're FLYING out. Time to put a top on that yard!

  2. Wow that is very impressive! Can't wait to see your coop.

  3. awww. I love it!

  4. mei is so pretty! her feathers have the most gorgeous colours!