Monday, April 5, 2010

Christening the Coop

Today while I cleaned out the brooder, I let the girls stretch their legs and check out their new coop. We will put the chicken wire on this week, but until then its a great place to let the girls explore. They loved it!
While Saffron, Satsuki and Blackberry explored the second floor, Mei was very content scratching and pecking below. They are new to scratching and its pretty cute to watch.

They also liked checking out their fancy new perch and practiced their flying/flapping skills to get on the ground. They also left a few gifts behind to christen the new place!

Everyone's primary feathers are really starting to come in, along with their tail feathers. Most of their baby fuzz is gone. They change before our eyes everyday, its amazing.
Saffron's changes are the most noticeable and she is very proud of her new feathers. She was showing off for Shawn. Her colors are much darker now, just beautiful.

Top three questions we get asked about our new adventure:
1. Do you have to have a rooster to have eggs? No, not unless you want little chicks in those eggs. Roosters are only needed to fertilize the eggs. Each hen is different, but most lay one egg every one to two days.
2. Is it legal in Memphis to have chickens? Yes, Part I, Ch. 5, Art. I, Sec. 5-3 of the City Code states"No prohibition on keeping chickens in the city; chickens can't roam at large." The key is making sure that your neighbors support your egg-venture.
3. When will they start laying eggs? Most hens will start to lay at 5 to 6 months of age. We hope we will have eggs in July/August.                                                                                                            

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  1. Thanks for citing the law exactly. I'm writing that one down. I get lots of questions regarding their legality.