Friday, April 2, 2010

Day in the Sun

While I finished painting their new digs, the chicks were treated to some time in the sun. The final step will be re-attaching the chicken wire.

Shawn and Grayson tended the flock, who enjoyed scratching and pecking, flapping their wings and exploring the back yard.

We have had the girls for a little over a week and its amazing how much they change day to day. Their feathers are really starting to come in and they are much taller. Saffron's ears are very visible. Blackberry's feet are huge. Satsuki and Mei are catching up in the tail feather department.

They will enjoy being outside full time in a few weeks. We have to wait until we have 80 degree weather consistently.

Until then, they are still our little chicks and still enjoy being near us.

And telling us little chickie secrets.

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