Sunday, April 11, 2010

Growing Like Weeds

I left town for two days to hang out with my Granny in Paris. Don't get too excited- Paris, TN. We shopped, saw the sites and ate really unhealthy food. But we had a blast and I am back, detoxing after my fried food/sweat tea overload.

The girls look like Shawn slipped them some Miracle Grow while I was gone. I barely recognized Saffron. It seems like only yesterday that she was just a little peep. Oh wait, it was just three weeks ago. Wow, chicks grow really fast!
Blackberry and Saffron are getting their combs. Blackberry was too busy scratching and pecking to pose for a pretty picture. But its easy to see, she is a big girl now.
As always, Satsuki and Mei stuck together to explore, chirp and peck. They are still my lil dumplins, but not for long.
They are all developing into beautiful young ladies and are ready to escape the big blue box that is their temporary home.


  1. I didn't slip them anything...

    Man, looking at the comparison pics, you can really see that the girls are in that awkward teenage stage.

  2. Amazing how fast they grow --the comparison pix are really cool.