Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yard Birds

It's official, the Midtown Chicks are yard birds. They moved into the coop today. We have only checked on them 10 times in last two hours and have been out tonight twice with a flashlight. They are happy and roosting.
We wrestled with attaching the last of the chicken wire and put down some fresh hay. We need to get them large size food and water containers but other than that, they are all set.
The girls immediately started running around and flapping their wings, like they knew. It's official! No more blasted blue box.
Well, I need to go. Gotta go get my flashlight.


  1. I'd check on them every 5 minutes too. awesome!

  2. yay! our coop efforts got redirected to rain barrel set-up on Friday. Maybe later this week. I'm heading out to Russell one day this week- I need to get some grit and a bigger feeder, too- want me to pick something up for you? (I'm thinking it won't be until Weds/Thurs- I'll let you know when on FB)

  3. Hey there, I know this dude. :) Been following the chick adventures for a while. Lovin' the stories and watching them grow. We should see each other soon, it's been too long!

  4. Thanks everyone! They made it through the first night just fine. I worked in the yard a lot today and they were very happy in their new space.
    @Melissa- we need a few other things from Russell's and will probably make a trip out there this week too, but thanks for asking. Have you transitioned them from chick feed to the organic stuff yet? Any word on when the next order will be placed?
    @Kerry- great to hear from you! Glad you like the chick-ventures. It's been a blast so far. We would love to get together soon. Give Shawn a shout out!

  5. Melissa, they're beautiful! And the coop is beautiful!
    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who checks on her girls in the middle of the night. (no matter how late it is, Lucy always says, "hi" when I visit).

  6. Thanks Lauren! The girls like when we visit and we visit often :) I was nervous about the coop design as we do not lock them in at night but there is a top floor that is only accessible from the second tier. I think (knock on wood) that in two days we have trained them to sleep there at night.