Sunday, May 2, 2010

High and Dry

We are happy to report that the girls made it through two days of storms and four tornado warnings just fine. The ground was mostly dry today, so the ladies came out for a stroll.
Blackberry was excited that the new Anthropologie catalog arrived.
As was Saffron.
She really loves the new Ylang Ylang sandals.
Then Blackberry got an idea.
She stretched and strained.

Sneak attack. Hopped right onto my back as I was bent over taking photos.

Quickly made her way to my shoulder.
Tried to eat my earring.

Tried to eat my sweater.
Rode around for a bit.
Then retired to the coop to tell the other girls of her adventure.


  1. Ha! I love it! Man, if she ate your earring, wouldn't it be great if it was possible that she could lay an egg with it in it? Nice to see that your chicks are so inquisitive and friendly!

  2. Your girls are becoming young ladies- very elegant!
    Earrings and sweater--you've got yourself a live one in Blackberry --- just watch your eyeballs. Hatsy always went for my eyes and my teeth (lovingly, nonetheless).