Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rosy Cheeks

Satsuki has been sporting her red features for about two weeks. Her comb, cheeks and the area around her eyes get more red each day. Meanwhile, the other girls are just now starting to show their rosy cheeks. Each one looks like they have just applied a bit of blush. 
I too had rosy cheeks today as the outside temp reached 85 degrees. The girls all walked around with their mouths open. They looked much like panting dogs. We made sure they had plenty of water and their coop is in the shade. 
Between panting and dust baths, the girls spent much of their time grazing on the wild strawberries. They were also treated to some lettuce and the last piece of bread. Finally someone in this family that enjoys the heel!
Meanwhile, I followed the girls around like paparazzi with my new camera. Saffron constantly poses for me and has become my muse. I love all of her pretty colors and features, especially those big, beautiful, yellow feet.


  1. Lovely pics and so cool to see them going through their stages! How long before laying happens? Oh, and I was browsing through the New Yorker mag when I saw this poem that I thought you'd enjoy:

  2. Love that and thank you for sharing!! Will share that with folks. We are hoping for eggs in July or August, but check from time to time in hopes of a much earlier arrival :) Glad you are enjoying the pics!