Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chickens eat bugs, so did we!

We took a short family vacation to the City of New Orleans. Thank you Sarah, Patrick, Tiffany and Mark for watching the girls while we were gone.

One of the highlights of the trip was the Audobon Insectarium. For $35 per adult and $20 per child, we were able to visit the Aquarium, Insectarium, IMAX and Zoo. We made it everywhere but the Zoo.

The Insectarium is a great place to spend the afternoon, especially when its 90 degrees or pouring down rain! From educational displays to live bugs to the bug cafe, we had a blast.
We petted hissing cockroaches, learned about tarantulas and walked among the butterflies.
Unfortunately we came late in the afternoon so the cafe was already closing up. The nice lady let us try the chocolate covered wax worms which tasted like a Nestle Crunch bar.

Harry the Chinese Praying Mantis (from Memphis!) was on display. They have great installations on dung beetles, diving beetles, cockroaches, termites, butterflies and even critters from the South.
If you plan to go:
1. They close at 5pm and the bug cafe closes even earlier, so plan accordingly.
2. The Insectarium is in a Federal building so be prepared to go through a metal detector.
3. There is a short movie which was great but there are "surprises" so for little ones prepare them for chairs moving, water spraying, etc.
4. The last exhibit is the Asian Butterfly Garden which opens into the gift shop. Be prepared to move quickly or spend some money.
5. Do not buy the sour cream and onion crickets. According to Grayson, disgusting.

We saw too many bugs to list, so I will leave you with a bug montage. 

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