Monday, July 12, 2010

Biding our time

Since the departure of Satsuki, the girls have been quite content and laid back. Still no eggs. As we bide our time (and open the egg door daily), I will share with you a series of haiku poems by my dear husband and his friend John. They exchange haiku on a regular basis. Chickens make for an excellent source of creative material :) Here is a snapshot of their recent exchange. Enjoy.

Backyard (old) McDonald by Shawn
Well, we’re farmers now,
Of the sort that raise chickens.
We have three, for eggs.

Urban Wildlife by John
Whoa! Raising chickens?!
I did NOT see that coming!
No neighbor complaints?
The DLC (daddy’s lil chickens) by Shawn
Raised from week-old chicks,
Blackberry, Mei, and Saffron
Make us smile and laugh.

Carbon Chicken Footprint by John
Now that’s going green!
Lots of guys talk the talk, but,
you...well, raise chickens!

How do chickens run? by Shawn
Like women with hiked
Petticoats ruffled and high
Always cackling.

Far Less Surprising by John
We got a new dog.
Adopted on my birthday,
We named him...Haiku :o)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hot Chicks

The heat has been brutal lately. The chicks have found little relief in the shade. We have made sure that they have plenty of water and even put ice cubes in their dish from time to time. 

What does a hot chick look like?

They literally pant. Poor girls.

So to beat the heat, we chilled a watermelon in the fridge, gutted it and gave the girls the leftovers. Blackberry wasn't sure what to think.

Saffron however caught on right away. She loves watermelon, especially the juice.
Slowly, Mei and Blackberry caught on. Soon the girls were frantically running from one piece to another. It was a watermelon frenzy!
Once they caught on to the yummy watermelon goodness, we tried a little tomato. Blackberry was skeptical.
By the next afternoon, the watermelon rinds were picked clean and there were no signs of tomato bits.

So now, the question that everyone wants to know the answer to- have they started laying eggs yet?
Stay tuned!