Sunday, August 15, 2010

Overachiever Lays GIANT Egg

Breaking News! Saffron is now contributing to the weekly egg quota. We came home to find this BIG egg last week. We now collect an average of 2 eggs per day.
Poor thing, her first egg and it probably took hours to lay it. I think Blackberry was a little jealous.
Saffron's egg clearly overshadows the others.
It's a head above the rest.
I mean its REALLY big.
And to top it off, a double-yolker! Well played Saffron, well played.


  1. Yep when they are big like that they usually are double yolkers. Our chickens have laid about one a week since they started laying in July. Home grown eggs are so tasty!

  2. Yes they are Denise! We are really enjoying our eggs

  3. Wow, I'm wondering how it would feel to pass such a large egg.