Sunday, September 19, 2010

Long overdue, like Mei's eggs

Long time, no blog. We have been on the run for weeks. Here are the highlights.

Saffron made an emergency trip to the vet. She was egg bound. This all happened a few hours before we left town, so she ended up spending the weekend at the Collierville Animal Clinic. They were fantastic and will be my go to chicken docs from now on. However, should this happen again I think we will be better prepared to handle it ourselves.

The girls did not welcome Saffron home with open wings as I had hoped. Instead they chased her around, bloodied her comb and bullied her until she ran to me for help. After a few days of slowly reintroducing her to the flock, they are one small, happy family again.

After all of the stress, Saffron didn't lay for a few weeks. However, she and Blackberry are back on schedule. We collect 2 eggs a day, on average.

Mei still hasn't started laying. She is still our little nervous Nettie, running to and fro, always in a big hurry. I hope she'll settle down and start laying soon.

They all have a new favorite hobby.

Watching Madison through the window. They all sit, for long periods of time, just watching each other. Please excuse the dirty window. Shawn hopes to introduce Maddie soon, on a leash. I'll be the one holding my breath and taking pictures.