Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays from the Midtown Chicks

We apologize for the long overdue post. Saffron, Mei and Blackberry have been busy laying eggs, scratching, pecking and snuggling to keep warm. We collect three eggs a day which has come in handy for all of our holiday baking.

With temperatures starting to dip, we prepped the coop for the long winter nights. The coop and yard are covered with a nice earth-toned tarp. This will help cut out the wind and keep the girls mostly dry in the freezing rain.  Using the lamp from their brooder, we will keep the coop warm and water from freezing.

The giant egg mystery has been solved. Blackberry lays our giant brown eggs which is ironic because she is half the size of the other girls. What can you say? She is an overachiever!

Mei has settled down a bit. She will actually let us pick her up and she runs to greet us in the yard with the other birds. With feathers of gold and Martha Stewart green eggs, she is our little diva.

Saffron is our sweetest bird. Since the stuck egg fiasco, we have quite the bond. A statuesque beauty, she is my muse.

Keeping the birds happy is very simple: fresh water every 2 days, keep the feeder full & clean out the coop/replace the straw every 2 days. They need lots of exercise, so anytime we are home they are out in yard.

As we wind up 2010, we are thankful for our chicks and the joy they bring us each and everyday. May Santa be kind to you!


  1. A really awesome trick Chris came up with last winter was getting the Christmas trees off of the curbs after Christmas and lining them up around the coop and in the chicken run to buffer from the wind. The chickens LOVEd it! They hung out a lot in their little pine huts till spring, and it looked really cool too! We then burned them in a HUGE fire (b/c they were so dry) for an early spring bonfire, and then had ash for the garden...

  2. Great idea Stephanie! Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, we couldn't burn them but boy would the yard smell nice.