Monday, January 17, 2011

The Chicken Machine

Remember the chicken machine? The automated chicken spun round, made a clucking sound and laid a plastic egg. The prizes were forgettable but the machine was not. Bwaaack, b...b...b...bwaaack b...b...b...bwaaack. I distinctly remember The Chicken Machine at Sears. Not to be confused with the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show, of course.

One Saturday afternoon, we heard the familiar bwack-ing sound from the backyard. Turns out that our chicks sometimes make the "chicken machine sound" when one of them is laying an egg.  


This time the prize is a little different.


  1. I remember the chicken machine! Mine just laid a fried egg sammich!

  2. I remember that machine too! My first chicken to lay eggs did so pretty quietly but my second one wants everyone to know what is going on.

  3. There is an original Chicken Machine (like the ones at Sears) at the Greyhound Bus station in Tupelo, MS. I was stuck there for 3 hours once is the only reason I know that. Haha!