Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Birds

While the chicks saw their first snowflakes on Christmas, they had no idea what to think of the BIG snow. Well, big for Memphis. 

The girls were warm in their snow fort this morning and not real sure they wanted to venture out.

When I opened the door, they peered out hesitantly at the white abyss. 

 The ever curious Blackberry was the only brave bird in the bunch. Try that alliteration on for size.

While Blackberry explored, Madison taunted Mei and Saffron while she ran around like a wild woman. I think I heard her call them "chicken." She LOVED the snow.

Once the snow began to melt, the girls became a little more comfortable in the tundra. They roamed the yard for most of the afternoon. All that remains are a few giant chicken tracks.


  1. mine wouldn't cross the threshold. they did look balefully out the front door/window at the yard, but they wouldn't venture out.

  2. Blackberry is my brave little chicken.