Thursday, January 27, 2011

What a Duck!

I recently learned that my late great-uncle, Don High, had a pet duck when he was a boy. Her name was Biddie. She laid a record-breaking number of eggs and made it into the Press-Scimitar on January 27, 1961. The Press-Scimitar was the afternoon paper. The Commercial Appeal was published as the morning paper.

Biddie actually made it into the paper three times: January 1961, June 1961 and June 1962. My grandmother saved two of the three original articles. With a quick refresher on microfiche, the article below (1st of 3) was found over the holidays. I felt like I had struck gold when Biddie strolled across my screen.

With our girls producing three eggs a day, this story gave me a whole new sense of appreciation for them and their hard work.

Stay tuned for more Biddie news!


  1. I guess she was finding a way to thank your Great Uncle for saving her from the dog?

  2. Melissa! your bird-lovin' ways are genetic! Don't you wish you could have a backyard chat with your late-great-uncle...