Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Biddie has gone to settin'

Biddie was my great-uncle's pet duck. And what a duck she was!

Eldon Roark went back for an update on Biddie about six months after the first story ran in January 1961. Here's what he learned.

I was I could have met ole Biddie. She was my kind of duck. The best part of her story is that her maternal instinct was so strong that she "took to settin'" on 12 adopted eggs. Better than that, my great-grandfather knew that is what she wanted and helped her achieve her dream. He was a neat fella.

Some days I can relate to Biddie. I just turned 35 and my son is 13. Yes, I was a youngin' when I had him. As I watch him turn into a young man (read: cologne, cell phone, Facebook, girls), my biological clock is screaming "You need a baby." But instead, we have chosen three chickens, two dogs and a cat. A menagerie of animals and a budding teenager gives me lots to nurture. But to quote my husband Shawn "There is always room for more!"

After reading this I fully expect him to give me a baby chick for Mother's Day.

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