Monday, May 30, 2011


We celebrated Memorial Day with family and friends including a visiting guest, Matilda. Dad found Matilda struggling to fly on the side of the road in Arlington. How he spotted this little girl while going 50 miles an hour is still a mystery to me.

My parents fed her sugar water through a dropper and found the perfect rehab facility in Grayson's retired bug catcher. Today was day two of her visit. She was alert, eating well and even preening. We took this as a good sign.

We all took turns feeding her. How often will we have this kind of opportunity?

Through the power of Facebook, I connected with a friend at Lichterman Nature Center who connected us to the Wild Wings Rescue group. Thank goodness for animal loving volunteers.

Matilda will meet up with one of the Rescue volunteers in the morning. We hope she has a speedy recovery. Stay tuned for Matilda updates.

Thank you to my sweet parents for rescuing this little lady, to Andy Williams his love of birds and for knowing who to contact and to all of the volunteers of the Wild Wings Rescue Group.


  1. Oh my goodness, Melissa! What a special opportunity you and your family have had, to get to know this amazing creature so personally!
    Godspeed, Matilda!

  2. My mother is notorious for bringing in some sort of stray animal every spring for a few days of nursing before releasing it back into the wild. My favorite was a ground squirrel when I was a kid. Long after I left the roost, so to speak, she saved a baby hummingbird. It was like a dream come true. Whilst it was in the house it would sit on her finger to eat. She would constantly try to shoot pictures of this only to have the shot fire just after the bird flew off. So, for a couple months, she would show those pictures of her finger to people explaining what she had been doing with her little, feathered friend only moments before shooting it. Kinda. Crazy. But we love her. Thanks for your much saner pics and the story. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing Darren. I emailed the rescue group for an update. Hope to share one soon. Thanks for reading!