Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ellie and Ollie

Soooooo we brought home a new chick two weeks ago and for two weeks we called her Baby Cheep Cheep, Little Cheepers and on occasion, Beyonce. While we pondered names for the new little one, we noticed she was growing more and more quiet.

After a week of solitude and despite our best efforts to socialize her, she became despondent. She quit cheeping and just started staring at the walls of her brooder.

Soooooo back to Hollywood Feed we went. This time we brought home a bantam chick. They became fast friends. Bantam birds are much smaller and cannot be sexed until they are older. So with our fingers crossed, we picked out this little one.

Now with two new girls in the house, we definitely had to pick out names. I liked the name Ellie and Grayson came up with Ollie.

Meet Ollie, our sweet Speckled Sussex.

And Ellie, our bossy Bantam with fancy britches.


  1. cute! yes, they're social creatures. They need at least one friend in the world. . . .

  2. Do you know Patricia Split and Elona Charbonnet? They have had 2 rounds of.chickens and if you don't have chicken mentors you need to connect.

  3. They are adorable, but I wish you hadn't put up the names. I wanted to figure out which one was Beyonce.

  4. What a sweet caring chicken-mom! You went out and got a little friend for your little one. May the adventure begin! xoxoxo

  5. Susan, we do not know them but Virginia has mentioned their names before. I would love to meet them.

    Loveable Homebody, Ollie formerly known as Baby Cheep Cheep was also known as Beyonce. Well the name suggested by a friend based on her attributes- bossy, independent.

    Thanks y'all!