Monday, August 29, 2011

Molting Mei

Our girl Mei hasn't been herself lately. We think she had sour crop a few weeks ago and with the introduction of the new chicks, she has been quite stressed out. She hasn't laid an egg in two weeks.

Thinking she might be egg bound, we bathed her in warm water and I did unspeakable things involving a latex glove and olive oil. We started to notice that she was losing some feathers. I began to panic.

Today, we came home to an entire backyard of feathers. We were relieved to discover that our girl is simply molting.

Thanks to Melissa B. and Backyard Farming for saving the day!

She looks a bit disheveled and has bare spots on her waddle and wings. Molting is stressful so we will need to supplement her food with some protein, like cottage cheese or yogurt.

The molting could last as long as 12 weeks and so could the lack of eggs. Good thing we have two other birds still producing.

Who knew chicken tending could be this exciting!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Making New Friends

The Midtown Chicks made some new friends today. Andria, Abe and Meredith stopped by for some quality time with the ladies.

 Abe gave Blackberry a little love. She is our most social chicken these days.

 Meredith is a natural! She took to Blackberry immediately. We were so impressed.

Thanks to Farmer Shawn, Abe met our newest and littlest chicken, Ellie. She was on her best behavior.

And in the end, Andria was brave enough to pet Ellie too. It was a successful chicken adventure all the way around.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Complete Package

Another special delivery arrived yesterday. The Midtown Chicks have their very own stamp!

Thanks to my thoughtful and creative hubby (and the fine folks at Simon's Stamps) sharing eggs with others will be even more fun. And official :)

 Ain't she a beaut Clark?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Special Delivery

Looky what came today! Shawn surprised me with an order of our VERY OWN egg cartons.

We have depended on the kindness of friends who have been donating their used cartons. Now we have our own fancy cartons. They accommodate a full dozen...

Or 1/2 dozen.

Now we need to make a cute stamp or stickers to go on top! Thank you Shawn and The Egg Carton Store :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Great Success!

The little ladies have successfully transitioned into backyard birds. After slowly integrating Ollie and Ellie through supervised visits, lots of free range outdoor activity and sneaking them into the coop in the dark of night... we have success! Mind you there were heated arguments over water and food, dramatic chases around the yard and lots of pecking.

They have been sleeping together peacefully thanks to our sneaky tactics, but turning in for the night on their own has been a challenge. So imagine our relief when we went out to herd the little ones into the coop past the pecking hen brigade to find them already nestled all snug in their beds. No visions of sugar-plums, but happy little chicks none the less.