Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mean Girl

A few weeks ago we attempted to integrate two flocks, our old girls (2-3 years old) and our new pullets. Our Speckled Sussex Ollie, whom we affectionately call Speckledy Butt, tried to kill Eggs. 

Keep in mind that we spent weeks slowly introducing the ladies to each other. The little girls spent time in the yard, separated by fence. Then in the run, while the big girls stayed in their coop. Then we conducted supervised visitations. All seemed to be on schedule. We snuck the little ones into the roosting area in the middle of the night. The next day, we discovered Eggs had a huge gash in her head thanks to Speckledy Butt. We weren't sure if she would survive. 

After the attack, we brought all three pullets back in doors to live in the brooder until Eggs could heal completely. In the meantime, I researched our options. Top of the list: winner, winner chicken dinner. I haven't eaten chicken in two years and I was ready to serve that mean girl up for supper. Luckily, my good friend Lauren over at Scratch and Peck  offered up a great solution: pinless peepers. 

Like blinders for chickens, pinless peepers clip on and prevent mean girls from zeroing in on the helpless little ones. They are also great for feather picking. We ordered ours through EBay for just $1.47. 

Today is the true test. All of the ladies are mingling and so far, so good. Next up, googly eye stickers for said peepers. Stay tuned!


  1. Googly eyes - I know I couldn't resist! :D

  2. We recently integrated some new chicks into our flock and we provided a space for the smaller ones to get away from the larger ones until they felt comfortable enough to intermingle on their own.